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5 Secrets That Social Media Experts Won’t Tell You

5 Secrets That Social Media Experts Won’t Tell You

It’s no secret that social media can be one of the most effective forms of promoting your business. But the strategies that social media marketing companies use to accomplish this aren’t always public knowledge. If you are looking to learn a few methods that the pros use to build social media audiences, then these 5 tips are for you.

1. Asking Questions Totally Rules.
An inexperienced a social media marketer might spend hours agonizing over every the vocabulary choice, every grammatical structure, and every punctuation mark in their posts hoping to improve audience engagement and response rates. And yes, of course, the details do matter. But at the same time, the best ways of creating more engagement are usually the simplest. Case and point: phrasing your posts as questions can have a substantial impact on the number of comments you receive.

In any natural conversation, you try to get answers by asking questions — and this is no different in the online world. People love expressing their opinions, after all, and they also tend to enjoy defending and debating about them.

The increased comments and engagement you gain by using a question-asking approach are valuable in many ways. Those who comment on your posts are bound to spend more time thinking about your brand and your industry, for example. Moreover, posts with high engagement rates tend to appear higher in people’s feeds, causing more exposure. And the answers that your audience provides to your question can be a good form of market research — a theme that we will touch upon again later in this article.

2. Strategic Repetition is A-Okay.
As we saw in the last point, sometimes social media conversations are quite similar to real-life conversations. (Asking questions is the best way to get a response — who would have thought?)

The similarities are not always so neat, however. A good example of this is strategic repetition. Try repeating the same story twice to your friends and you are likely to get a few weird looks. Try reposting the same status update twice to Facebook, however, and you may actually see some positive results.

The important difference, of course, is that your goal in reposting to social media is to reach a different audience that did not see your first post. The people browsing Twitter at 7AM are not always the same people browsing at 7PM — and your Monday crowd might be different from your Saturday crowd.

Because you work hard to create original content and/or curate outside content that is relevant to your audience, you should absolutely take advantage of this hard work and post your content in a strategic way that allows the majority of your audience to see it. Contrary to what many amateur social media marketers may believe, reposting is not always unprofessional — sometimes, it can be downright intelligent.

3. There is No Perfect Answer to Your Social Media Questions.
You should be wary of any social media marketer who claims to have all the solutions. Social media is not magic, and it is not even a science — there are not always right or wrong answers. Many different strategies can potentially work for your company, and the key to success lies in adapting a good strategy to the specific needs of your business.

This point is important because flexibility and creativity are actually two of the most important skills needed to be a good social media manager — and marketers who claim to have a universal answer to social media marketing questions usually operate in a very rigid and formulaic fashion. This can prevent them from adapting to the rapidly changing social media scene, and it can also cause them to act without taking your opinions, questions, and concerns into account. Even if you are not a social media expert, you still know your company and your brand better than anyone else, so your input matters. Choose a social media marketing manager who understands this.

4. Without Branding, Social Media is Worthless.
Just about every business out there can benefit from social media marketing. But that does not mean that every company out there is ready to benefit from social media marketing.

Though some social media marketing companies may be eager to tell you otherwise, the truth is that social media alone cannot be the foundation of your entire marketing campaign. Your company needs solid and consistent branding in order to make brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy possible.

Of course, if you do feel like your branding could use a tune up, there are many social media experts who have the know-how and the skills to help you. But it’s up to you to make this a priority. If your message, your image, and your style don’t reflect who you are as a company, then successful social media outreach will be a real challenge.

5. Listening is Just As Important as Making Noise.
Everyone likes making noise — and for many, the funnest part of managing a social media account is posting, sharing, tweeting, etc. What you might not realize, however, is that listening can be just as beneficial.

Monitoring the conversation around your products or services, for example, can help you better understand what customers like and what they don’t. It can also help you catch any negative feedback quickly and fix your customer’s problems so that they continue supporting your brand rather than actively harming it.

On a more technical note, paying close attention to how your posts are received can help you develop better social media content in the future. If you notice that funny posts garner more engagement than inspiring posts, for example, you can adapt your content accordingly.

Last but not least, listening can help you engage in conversation via the comment sections — and this is a fantastic way to humanize your brand and let your audience know that you really care about what they have to say.

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