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6 Tips for Increasing Your Online Conversion Rate  

6 Tips for Increasing Your Online Conversion Rate  

Getting online visitors and leads isn’t easy — in fact, most companies invest a significant portion of their marketing budget into this first stage of the customer lifecycle. And this is precisely why letting leads slip away is so bad for business. If you want to make the most of your marketing dollars, you need to increase your conversion rate. Thankfully, the art of converting online visitors is rather straightforward, as the following tips will demonstrate: 


  1. Inform and educate your customers.

You know exactly why your product or service is totally awesome. You understand the industry inside and out, you recognize the pros and cons of every option on the market, and you have developed your product or service carefully over a long period of time. You have listened to customer feedback, fine-tuned the details, and strived to create an optimal experience. In other words, you are an expert! 


Because you are an expert, you have something that many potential customers are looking for: information. And by offering this to them, you have a lot to gain. First and foremost, customer education is a chance to increase brand awareness. Secondly, if you play your cards right, it could even be a chance to segue into a sales opportunity. Customers who are educated are also more likely to choose an appropriate product for their needs, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Last but not least, education can also help reduce your customer support costs by reducing the amount of questions, concerns, and doubts that your customer support team must respond to. 


  1. Create intuitive and user-friendly design.

People are impatient creatures — especially on the internet! An E-commerce page that loads slowly, a confusing website layout, or a tough-to-find social media platform are all surefire ways of losing customers to your competitors. On the other hand, providing convenience is a surefire way of making more conversions. 


Make the most of your hard-earned leads by optimizing your web pages for easy use. Increasing speed, for example, is a no-brainer — even if this means investing in a better web hosting service, getting rid of that flashy web graphic, or reducing the amount of WordPress  plugins that you use. Minimizing your page design can do more than making your site faster, though: reducing the amount of clicking options for your visitors can help guide them down the path that you want them to go down. (i.e. the path that leads to a sale, a newsletter subscription, or whatever action you deem to be a conversion.) Finally, including a sitemap can help customers navigate your page easier while also providing the added benefit of improving your search engine rankings.  


  1. Focus on re-marketing.

When you market to the general public, only a small fraction of your audience is actually going to be interested in purchasing what you have to offer. This is why targeted marketing is so crucial. By narrowing down your audience using factors such as geographical location, interests, age, gender, and buying habits, you can improve the percentage of audience members who are actually potential customers. 


All demographics considered, what group of people is most likely to be sincerely interested in your products or services? People who have already bought similar products/services from a similar seller is a pretty good answer to this question. And this is why remarketing is so important.  


You can make things easier on yourself by collecting contact information from customers at the time of purchase — however, because this can be seen as being rather intrusive, it is usually best to make this optional. Customers who will be offended by the collection of information aren’t likely to buy from a marketer who is reusing their contact info, anyway!  


  1. Incentivize first time buyers.

The value that a lifelong customer offers to a business is many times greater than the value offered by a one-time shopper. For this reason, bringing in first time buyers should not be seen exclusively as a chance for profit. Instead, first time buyers should be seen as an important marketing opportunity with long term potential. 


In other words, sacrificing a bit of profit in order to secure first time buyers is not only acceptable, but advisable. Which is why special sales and incentives for first time buyers are usually a smart idea. And, with the help of social media and internet marketing, getting the word out about such deals is now easier than ever before!  


  1. Make payment easy.

The more payment options you include, the easier it will be for customers to make a final purchase. This means that, in addition to each and every major credit card processor, you should also include options to pay through services such as PayPal and Apple Wallet. Though this may seem obvious, the number of companies that do not currently include or allow these payment options is truly astounding. For a minimal cost and a slight hassle, you can open up new buying options for customers who might otherwise have chosen another competitor! 


  1. Add convincing details.

Aside from a convenient page, educated customers, smart targeting, interesting sales, and easy payment, you need a strategy for winning over customers who are still on the fence. Video has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of doing this — though social proof (i.e. a quick excerpt from a positive review) can also work wonders. If your audience is more technically-minded, a graph or a few cleverly-highlighted statistics can also be helpful. Last but not least, a live chat hotline can be an excellent way of bringing in a dynamic and well-educated salesperson to close the deal with any doubtful leads — as long as you actually attend to the site. 


Want to learn more about optimizing your website content to inform, entertain, and convince your potential customers? Interested in looking for ways to drive high-quality traffic from your social media platforms straight to your e-commerce page? Hoping to improve your online marketing efforts all-around? Bearly Marketing can help! Visit us online today to see how!  

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