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6 Top Tools for Social Networking in 2015

Social media management is increasingly complex and multi-faceted. Luckily, these 6 tools can help you manage your accounts more effectively and efficiently.

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Social Media Project Management for Small Business

Online project management offers several distinct advantages. In fact, nearly all small businesses could be benefiting greatly by using it. Unfortunately, many small business owners feel overwhelmed by the technology, and prefer to operate in a more traditional manner. Though this is understandable, it is important to realize that social media project management is not just a new fad—it offers a clear competitive advantage to the businesses that use it, and its popularity is growing quickly.

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Social Media and Time Management—Finding a Balance

Perhaps the largest criticism of social media (in both our personal and professional lives) is its potential to become a time drain. Recent statistics show that the average social media user spends nearly two hours per day using social media—about as much time as the average American spends reading, grooming, commuting, and doing housework combined.

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Should I Outsource my Social Media Marketing?

In today’s ever more connected world, social media is big business. In a recent survey, over 90 percent of professional marketers said that social media was important to their company—and advertisers worldwide are set to spend over 23 billion dollars on social media advertising in 2015. Considering those stats, it’s easy to see the importance of a well run social media campaign for any business.

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3 Unconventional Tips for Social Media Marketing

Here are 3 often overlooked ideas and unconventional tips that could make a big difference in the way you think about social media marketing:

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