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What Do People Look for in Social Media?

Though social media marketing is a complex and intricate art, it ultimately boils down to a very simple formula: give the people what they want. Any brand that manages to consistently achieve this will be successful. 

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To Comment or not to Comment?

The growing trend amongst bloggers is to disenable the comments section in order to eliminate toxic posts and maintain a focus on the articles themselves. But is this truly a good strategy?

Go to the comment section of any blog and you‘ll see a microcosm of the internet itself. Interesting and constructive discussion, debate, and information—coupled in with destructive insults, reckless misinformation, and spam. Though most comments sections are moderated carefully, …

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Facebook Featured Video

A Social Media Marketing Must

Several months ago, Facebook unveiled a new option that revolutionized the way brands introduce themselves in the online world. This option is called featured video, and allows businesses to embed a video directly onto their timeline, where it is prominently displayed. Unfortunately, many otherwise marketing-savvy businesses have yet to take advantage of this important feature.

The advantages of video

Multiple studies have shown that social media users respond …

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Marketing and Facebook – 3 Tips to Help Grow Your Fan Base

In today´s world, a good Facebook marketing strategy is indispensable. Here are three simple but important tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook page.

Know Your Customer Base

The content most important step to creating Facebook content that will appeal to your audience is knowing who your audience is. If you are truly serious about marketing your brand, you will eventually want to use Google analytics to …

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