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Five Strategies for Creating Social Media Advocates and Allies

Social media has changed the world of marketing forever by giving companies and organizations a voice. Whether you run a large business with a big advertising budget or a small startup just looking to get the word out, social media offers a unique, authentic and accessible way of connecting with your target audience.

In this recent Bearly Marketing blog article about social media brand exposure, we provided an in-depth breakdown …

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Is Organic Social Media Marketing Still Worth It?

Over the course of the past 2 or 3 years, Facebook has consistently updated their newsfeed algorithm in order to decrease the organic reach of brands using the site for promotional purposes. This isn’t exactly surprising — Facebook, like all major social media sites, makes its profits through advertising. And decreasing unpaid organic reach incentivizes marketers to opt for paid promotion.

Even for those of us who saw this move …

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5 Secrets That Social Media Experts Won’t Tell You

It’s no secret that social media can be one of the most effective forms of promoting your business. But the strategies that social media marketing companies use to accomplish this aren’t always public knowledge. If you are looking to learn a few methods that the pros use to build social media audiences, then these 5 tips are for you.

1. Asking Questions Totally Rules.
An inexperienced a social media marketer might …

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How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Pro

How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Pro

Social media marketing has become one of the newest and most popular growth hacking trends for businesses both large and small. And if you are hoping to take advantage of all the powerful marketing opportunities that social media has to offer, the odds are good that you have considered hiring a social media marketing firm.

The benefits of hiring …

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6 Surprisingly Common Social Media Mistakes 

The benefits of a well-run social media marketing campaign are undeniable. Unfortunately, so are the ill-effects of a poorly run effort. A few (in)famous examples of this from this year alone include the McDonald’s Twitter account getting hacked and Adidas inadvertently referencing the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing in a joking fashion. Social media gaffes have an unfortunate way of going viral. And if you mess up big time, you can expect to …

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