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Why Social Media is Important for Small Business

In order to understand the strengths of social media marketing, it is helpful to consider how traditional advertising tends to work. When Coca Cola aires a commercial showing people on the beach drinking cold, refreshing sodas, for example, they really have two intentions. Sure, they would like it if you saw that commercial and said “wow, I’m thirsty! A coke would really hit the spot right now!” However, the truth is that this is not the only message they want to send. In fact, it’s not even there most important goal. What Coca Cola really wants is for you to begin associating their products with refreshment. You buying one coke after seeing the commercial is not nearly as valuable to Coca Cola as the association of coke with refreshment (or with great taste, or being cool, or Santa Claus, or whatever other brand images and concept they are trying to sell you.)

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Does My Business Need a Marketing Plan?

For many small business owners, the immediate issues of cash flow and daily operations come first and foremost. This is quite logical–after all, if you’re anything like the average small business owner, you’re hard working, detail oriented, and always thinking about how to make things work. Needless to say, it’s important to keep in mind that developing and following a concrete, long-term business plan is essential to success. Think of it like a roadmap to your organization’s dream destination. Unless you decide where you’re going and understand how you are going to get there, the odds are very high that you will end up getting lost.

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Review: Can Cafyne Prevent Bad Social Media Advertising?

Social media gaffes can be quite hilarious–except, of course, to the company that commits them. Given the enormous amount of negative attention that social media mistakes can attract, it’s normal that business owners and marketing directors should be a bit concerned. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that businesses can protect themselves from social media fails. Careful hiring and intensive, industry-specific training is invaluable. A “content review system” in which each social media post must be approved by a second marketing employee or a company higher-up can be time consuming, but also goes a long way towards preventing potential problems.

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Wondering What a Social Media Manager Does, Exactly?

Once upon a time (not too long ago,) using social media to promote your business was a “worthwhile project” and a “good idea.” Nowadays, it is a necessity. In fact, social media management has become so important that it is now its own profession! What exactly do social media managers do? Read on to find out.

Social media managers and maintain social media pages. This entails a lot more than …

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Go Stress Free – A Social Media Manager Can Increase Both Brand Awareness And Your Own Productivity

Hiring a social media manager for your business can have make a world of difference for businesses of all types and sizes. Read on to learn more:

The average American spends roughly 23 hours per week using social media. This statistic tells us two things:

First of all, social media is a powerful tool that can reach enormous audiences, who spend over three hours per day signed into their pages and …

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