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Facebook Marketing its New Security Features

On October 16th, Facebook unveiled a new security measure aimed at increasing trust and confidence amongst its enormous user base. The social media giant announced that it now has the capacity to send a special alert to users in the event that an account should become compromised by government hackers.

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6 Interview Questions for Social Media Managers

Experience, education, and references are all important factors to consider when hiring for any position. However, this information alone may not tell you everything you need to know about a particular candidate’s level of knowledge and expertise. This is especially true when it comes to emerging fields such as social media management–where intuition, interpersonal skills, and the ability to think on one’s feet are all crucially important. For this reason, if you are looking to hire a social media manager, you may wish to ask few situational questions in order to gauge the competency of each candidate. These questions will obviously vary depending on your personal preferences, your industry, and a number of other factors. No matter what kind of company you run, however, you may be able to take inspiration from a few of the following sample questions.

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3 Ways Online Media Managers Should be Using Social Selling to Drive Results

One important term you may hear repeated over and over is social selling. What exactly does this mean? The term now tends to apply to social media, however the concept is not necessarily tied exclusively to social networks.

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How Do I Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

There’s a first time for everything! If you’re new to the social media scene, Facebook is usually the best place to start–and when utilized correctly, it can help you develop an online following that translates into concrete results. Read on to learn more about the basic steps towards creating a Facebook page, as well as some practical tips to help optimize your experience.

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Facebook Marketing Experts are Watching the “Free Basics” App very Closely

Have you heard of or “Free Basics?” It is one of the most ambitious projects that Facebook has ever taken on–and also one of the most controversial. Internet access to undeveloped countries and the fundamental concept of internet freedom are both at stake here–and an important battle is beginning to heat up. Read on to learn more.

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