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Social Media Manager Jobs: Typical Tasks and Responsibilities

Social media management is a relatively new profession. For this reason, there are many business owners who realize the importance of social media–but aren’t exactly sure what the responsibilities of their social media staff should be. Read on for a simple yet comprehensive list of the responsibilities typically assigned to social media managers–as well as an analysis of the skill set necessary for social media success.

Creating Content for your Facebook Business Page

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again–but it’s absolutely true: content is king. In order to garner attention with your social media pages, you’re going to need to offer great content. Here are three helpful tips on content creation and curation:

Counting Down the 5 Best Books on Social Media 2016

Looking to expand your knowledge and understand of social media? Sure, there are plenty of resources to be found on Google, but nothing compares to the feeling of sitting down and relaxing with a nice printed book. What’s more, books offer the focus and depth in order to explore topics thoroughly and thoughtfully. (Even more importantly, you’re a social media manager! You deserve a break from the computer screen every now and then!) There have been a number of fantastic and insightful books published over this past year alone. Here’s our countdown of 5 fascinating books that have changed the way we think about social media in 2016.

Small Social Business Projects: Media Marketing Strategies

For small businesses, creating interesting and original marketing content can be a challenge. Without a large marketing department, social media consultants, professional writers, and other such employees, the task of creating online content usually falls on the shoulders of a few already overworked people.

Social Media Business: Small Leaders Are Making A Big Splash

The low cost and ease of access to social media makes it an ideal marketing/advertising medium for small businesses. In fact, small businesses have developed some of the most important and influential social media strategies and techniques. If you’re interested in promoting your small business through social media but hesitated because you weren’t sure if you could succeed, now is the time to make the jump! Social media is becoming nearly ubiquitous in marketing world, and the longer you wait the more you’ll miss out.

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