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Though certain social media sites have established themselves as stable leaders in the industry (we’re looking at you, Facebook and Twitter) the truth is that success for social media sites can come and go very quickly (just look at Myspace.)

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The New Importance of Social Media Advertising

When it comes to internet marketing, one concept that you will encounter time and time again is organic reach versus paid advertising results. You can see the difference between the two any time you perform an internet search. The first few results at the top will likely be marked with yellow boxes that say “Ad.” As you may have guessed, those are paid advertising results. Below these advertisements, however, begin the organic results. These show up because the Google algorithm (or the Bing algorithm, Yahoo algorithm, etc.) has determined that these websites are the most relevant to what has been searched.

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Why Hire a Social Media Manager?

In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a-changin’.” Just a few short years ago, social media was a small afterthought for marketing departments in large companies. Then, as if overnight, a new profession known as a “social media manager” or a “social media expert” cropped up. The biggest, most well funded marketing departments began bringing on people who had specific expertise in the world of social media in order to promote their brands. Today, in 2015, even a large portion of small to medium sized businesses have social media managers. How has that new profession managed to flourish so quickly? In short, because social media management is worth it. Not only can it increase brand awareness and drive sales in a relevant and cost effective way; hiring out social media help can do an enormous amount of good for your personal time-management and well being. If your small to medium-sized business has not yet invested in a social media manager, now may be the time to begin searching for talent. Read on to learn about the advantages of hiring a social media marketer.

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Watch Out World – Online Shopping has come to Facebook

In September, Facebook unveiled one of the most important changes it has ever made. The social media giant now offers a “shopping” tab for business pages. This will allow followers to purchase goods and services directly from business fan pages without ever leaving Facebook.

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Facebook Marketing Costs Vs. Benefits

In a basic sense, Facebook marketing can be completely free. After all, there’s no charge for creating a Facebook business page or for inviting your friends to like that page. There is obviously no charge for making posts or sharing content either. That being said, the average business (accounting for small, medium, and large sized companies) spends between $4000 and $7000 monthly on social media marketing, and Facebook rakes in over ten billion dollars per year in advertising sales. Companies invest this money because social media marketing is effective!

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