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All About Facebook Live Video

In August of 2015, Facebook made a new feature available to a select few users: live video. In order to ensure adequate broadband space while promoting high-quality productions, this feature, known as Facebook Live, was initially limited to high-profile users. Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Malia Probst, and Alex Roetter were among the first to enjoy the privilege of broadcasting live to their Facebook followings.

Several months later, in April …

A Quick Guide to Writing A Captivating Blog Post

It’s a fact: companies that utilize blogging get an average of 30% more website traffic. Increased lead generation, higher conversion rates, more inbound links, and stronger customer relations are other statistically-proven marketing benefits of blog writing. If your business isn’t taking advantage of these opportunities yet, then now is the perfect time to start.

Professional blogging services are effective and affordable — but, as an expert in your industry, you are …

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Twitter Is Now Experimenting With 280 Character Tweets!

From its very inception, the essence of Twitter has been brevity. There has always been something intriguing about character limits — and 140, though arbitrary, has become the standard benchmark for conciseness in the social media world thanks to Twitter.

That being said, the appeal of 140 seems to be waning quickly. After Twitter’s initial growth proved to be explosive, its ability to attract new users has slowed steadily over …

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Five Strategies for Creating Social Media Advocates and Allies

Social media has changed the world of marketing forever by giving companies and organizations a voice. Whether you run a large business with a big advertising budget or a small startup just looking to get the word out, social media offers a unique, authentic and accessible way of connecting with your target audience.

In this recent Bearly Marketing blog article about social media brand exposure, we provided an in-depth breakdown …

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Is Organic Social Media Marketing Still Worth It?

Over the course of the past 2 or 3 years, Facebook has consistently updated their newsfeed algorithm in order to decrease the organic reach of brands using the site for promotional purposes. This isn’t exactly surprising — Facebook, like all major social media sites, makes its profits through advertising. And decreasing unpaid organic reach incentivizes marketers to opt for paid promotion.

Even for those of us who saw this move …

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