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All About Facebook Live Video

All About Facebook Live Video

In August of 2015, Facebook made a new feature available to a select few users: live video. In order to ensure adequate broadband space while promoting high-quality productions, this feature, known as Facebook Live, was initially limited to high-profile users. Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Malia Probst, and Alex Roetter were among the first to enjoy the privilege of broadcasting live to their Facebook followings.

Several months later, in April of 2016, Facebook rolled out the feature full-scale, allowing all users to broadcast live. And the rest, as they say, is history. Facebook stormed past competitors such as Pariscope and Snapchat as the most popular social live video platform, a title which the site still holds to this day.

A feature as widely-used (and widely-viewed) as Facebook Live clearly has marketing potential — and if your company hasn’t integrated live video into your social media marketing strategy yet, then now is the best time to act. In this article, we will answer a¬† few of the most common questions that business owners have about live social media video streaming.

Why is Facebook Live effective for marketing?

Here are the top five benefits of using Facebook Live according to Bearly Marketing:

1. Generate unique content. It’s a topic we have discussed before here on the Bearly Marketing blog — original content is a crucial component of social media marketing. And streaming a live video is one of the easiest ways of creating content that is truly unique to your business.

2. Create cost-effective content. Hiring a writer, a graphic designer, or a social media marketing expert to craft original content for your business are all good investments — however, they do require a bit of financial expenditure. Streaming a live video, on the other hand, can be done for free as long as you have a decent mobile camera.

3. Increase visibility. Facebook’s new content sorting algorithm has greatly reduced the organic reach of companies looking to promote themselves through social media. However, because Facebook is intent on fostering interest in live video, they do tend to prioritize such content — thus giving video-based social media marketing campaigns a special advantage.

4. Foster direct connection. Real-time communication is far more captivating than responding to notifications after the fact. Also, because videos streamed on Facebook Live allow followers to provide instant feedback, they tend to boast higher engagement rates.

5. Enjoy the benefits of video. Live or not, video tends to be one of the most effective types of social media content, as it is both attention-catching and emotionally engaging. Videos recorded with Facebook Live can also be recycled through Facebook and/or other social media networking, thus increasing their value even further.

What potential challenges does Facebook Live present?

Though Facebook Live has been an overall success for Facebook and its users alike, it does present a few challenges, including:

1. Live video requires a special set of talents. Creating an interesting and entertaining live video experience takes a uniquely talented team. Live acting abilities, camera handling skills, and an eye for details such as lighting and acoustics are all musts, for example.

2. Technological issues can take center stage. A shoddy broadband connection, inaudible sound, and/or a dead battery can all ruin a live video quickly, distracting from your message and possibly even making your business look rather incompetent. There are no second chances when filming live!

3. Facebook faces challenges of its own. Facebook Live is here to stay, without a doubt. That being said, the social media giant does have a few kinks to work out. For example, the company has already updated its policies for the service several times due to unfortunate incidents surround live streaming of violence and offensive messages. Though most well-meaning organizations don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking policies regarding broadcasting violence, hate messages, etc, it is still worth the effort to stay up to date on Facebook policies every now and then.

How can I optimize my Facebook Live marketing strategy?

Here are six quick tips for more effective Facebook Live marketing:

1. Promote live broadcasts beforehand. Live video broadcasts tend to appear near the top of followers newsfeeds, which helps improve visibility and foster a larger audience. All the same, letting your followers know that you are planning a live stream can help grow your audience even further.

2. Double check the tech. As we mentioned earlier, tech bloopers have a pesky way of messing up live video broadcasts. Reduce your risk of experiencing these types of problems by double checking all of your tech well before beginning a live stream. Battery levels, internet connection strength, and video/mic feeds are all worth looking at, for example.

3. Write catchy and relevant descriptions. These can help improve visibility while also enticing followers to actually pay attention to what they are seeing.

4. Incorporate live interaction. If all goes well, you should receive at least a bit of live interaction from your followers during your broadcast. (They may comment, share, or react to your stream, for example.) Acknowledging these interactions will lead to a more rewarding experience from those who engage, thus encouraging even more interaction.

5. Broadcast regularly. You will get better at creating live videos, and your followers will grow more accustomed to watching them and engaging with them. (Because Facebook Live is still relatively new, there is a bit of a learning curve for all parties involved.)

6. Edit Your Videos Afterwards. Facebook Live videos remain on your newsfeed after filming, which can lead to more views down the road. However, just because you have finished filming does not mean that your responsibilities are all taken care of. Editing your Facebook Live video can help encourage more views and engagement in the future. Selecting a thumbnail and a category, writing a call to action, and possibly even promoting the post are all good ways of doing this.

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