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How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Pro

How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Pro

How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Pro

Social media marketing has become one of the newest and most popular growth hacking trends for businesses both large and small. And if you are hoping to take advantage of all the powerful marketing opportunities that social media has to offer, the odds are good that you have considered hiring a social media marketing firm.

The benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant or a social media marketing company are undeniable — and social media marketing prices are more affordable than ever. All the same, if you are still on the fence about managing social media marketing yourself, then you may wish to implement a few of the following strategies in order to improve your strategy and bring in more customers.

Plan Ahead.

There are many benefits to planning posts ahead of time. For one, batch tasking is simply more efficient — and writing/curating/creating content one week’s worth at a time is just smart business. Just as importantly, however, planning posts ahead of time will help you craft a smarter schedule rather than just posting at random. A well-varied, well-timed approach to social media posting is bound to garner better results, period.

Be Picky.

Quality beats quantity. If you want your audience to pay attention to your posts, you need to give them something worth paying attention to — and you need to be consistent about this commitment to quality. One of the best ways to implement quality-control on the posts that you create and curate is to make a list of goals that you would like to accomplish with your social media marketing campaign. (I.e. drive website traffic, educate potential customers, be entertaining, create awareness for a new product, improve brand perception, etc.) Then, evaluate how well each post or share would accomplish each of these goals. If you can’t see how the post would help with any of your goals, then the odds are good that it doesn’t offer any real value.

Use an Organization Tool.

Planning your posts, organizing them across various networks, and sticking to your schedule can all be automated to a certain degree. Other functions that can be easily managed through software and online social media tools include:

•Tracking mentions of your brand

•Growing your Twitter following

•Eliminating friends and followers that are made by spam accounts.

•Gathering and analyzing important metrics

•Filtering your news feed for company-relevant content

•Much more

Many of these options are either free or low-cost. If you would like to learn more about top-ranked social media schools for business, check out this Bearly Marketing blog article on the subject.

Understand the Power of Images.

Staring at a wall of text is simply not what social media is about. Short, catchy messages filled with eye-catching visuals tend to perform better — and this is one reason why Twitter is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. A bit of scientific evidence to back these claims up? Studies have shown that social media users are up to 40% more likely to share posts that contain visual content.

A/B Advertising.

If you are investing your hard-earned money into social media advertising, then you owe it to yourself to maximize your ROI by devising an A/B advertising campaign. This recent Bearly Marketing blog article offers tips on A/B email advertising — and many of the concepts discussed in this article can be applied to social media advertising fairly easily.

Measure Data.

Tracking your progress and measuring success is key to reaching any goal — and this certainly holds true when it comes to social media marketing. Analytics are the best way of objectively discovering what works and what doesn’t, which will allow you to create smarter, more effective content in the future.

Don’t be Afraid of Humor.

Sometimes, marketing like a pro can look surprisingly…unprofessional. And this is especially true on social media, where informality and sincerity beat being up-tight every time. Not every post needs to be a sales pitch for your products or services — and in fact, that would get tiresome and annoying very quickly. Make your customers laugh and they are sure to pay more attention to your next post!

Build Partnerships.

Social media influencers are defined as the biggest, most followed, and most respected presences on the web — and building a relationship with an influencer is a great way of getting extra exposure for your brand. Offering a guest blog or some other form of original content to an influencer in your industry is a good way to get your foot in the door. From there, the strategy of influencer marketing has quite a bit to offer.

Use Hashtags.

Hashtags are more than just a popular trend — they are an invaluable tool that every social media marketer should be taking advantage of. Here are a few reasons why using (and paying attention to) hashtags is a must:

•Hashtags are a powerful tool for precisely targeted marketing.

•Hashtags allow you to monitor the conversation surrounding your company.

•Hashtags allow you to monitor the conversation surrounding your competitors and stay up to date on the most important trends in your industry.

•Hashtags are perfect for promoting events, deals, contests, etc.

•Hashtags are a good way of getting in on time-sensitive conversations and trending topics.

•Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore — Facebook and other important networks have recognized the value that hashtags offer an now allow users to utilize this feature.

Reuse and Repost

As we have mentioned before in past articles, reposting content isn’t necessarily a bad thing — and in some situations, it is actually a smart move that helps you ensure that a broader portion of your audience base sees that content that you worked hard to create or curate!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of professional social media marketing management? Looking for more tips that can help you improve your social marketing skills? Visit Bearly Marketing online today for a wealth of social media resources!

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