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Androo was born in Houston, TX, raised in Tyler, TX, and now resides in Houston once again. He attended college at Grambling State University on a baseball scholarship and art took a back seat to sports for the next five years. When he returned home near the end of his senior year in college, his mother and now business partner, decorated her home with his artwork from high school. Believing that his ability was far superior than what was displayed, art regained center stage in an effort to replace the sub-par work lining the walls of his parents’ home. Although most of Androo’s earlier works of art were created using charcoals, pastels, and conte, Androo decided to research other ways to express his gift and discovered the digital world of art.

He learned that there would be no need to stock massive quantities of supplies and canvases and would be free from the messy creation process. Many artists enjoy this aspect of creation, but Androo does not share in that pleasure. Being a very stylish individual, he can now create with out putting on rags before approaching his easel. His current preference is an iPad and his hand. Once Androo overcame the learning curve of digital painting, he began to rapidly and relentlessly create art, focusing on portrait work and relying on social media to expand his client base.

Beginning with free portraits given away on Facebook, Androo now has a growing list of clients that include international entertainers as well as world class professional athletes. Although Androo has many high profile clients in the sports and entertainment world, every client is a VIP.


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