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ATC Clothing was not created by a fashion forward, industry trained professional, but a 22-year-old with an online shopping addiction and a passion for way-too-expensive-fashion.


Alexandria Cox, Founder and CEO, wanted to create an online “safe haven” for women who love to shop for quality clothing at bargain prices. Unfortunately, she was more than aware of the problems of shopping online; the customer services that you never hear back from, the low-quality products at high prices, and the risk of buying from scam artists. So, she decided to create a company that met and exceeded her own high expectations.


“I can tell you now I may not be where I want to be yet, but I will get there and then I will keep striving to do better each day. I won’t stop until I have better than the best customer service, the best prices, and the best quality products.


“ I want to help women feel like a billion dollars in my products. To get the thrill of the splurge but without the guilt of debt. This may only be the beginning but trust me there is more to come.”

Great company. I have tried out their blog service and their content for Facebook. It has helped me build a following and sell more clothes. Definitely a must for small businesses. Alexandria C. - Euclid, OH

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