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BREWLAND is a feature-length documentary about the Craft Beer movement across the United States. It’s a “coming of age” tale about an industry that’s growing at a seemingly unsustainable pace in an ever-changing environment. One where a simple question, “What is Craft Beer?” has a complex and emotional answer.

BREWLAND will go beyond what people know of Craft Beer to show the community in its most raw and truthful form. It’s an intimate portrait with the biggest names, past and present, including national icons SAMUEL ADAMS, BROOKLYN BREWERY, DOGFISH HEAD, NEW GLARUS, LAGUNITAS and ANCHOR STEAM along with world famous micro-brewers like THE ALCHEMIST, HILL FARMSTEAD, RUSSIAN RIVER and HAIR OF THE DOG as well as industry experts from the BREWER’S ASSOCIATION and CICERONE PROGRAM.

The voices from those involved in the industry will tell their own tale; no narrator, no scripts, just the real words of those who know Craft Beer best. Personal discussion will provide insight about the industry, history, sacrifices, and the passion of Craft Beer. Using exclusive, on-camera interviews, behind the scenes footage, original animation sequences and archival photos and video BREWLAND will bring everyone on a journey into the breweries, businesses, and festivals of Craft Beer as we try to discover “What is Craft Beer?”


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