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Our Mission: A Whole New Way To Hair Care.

We started °Coolway with a vision to eliminate damage from hair styling routines. After assembling the top minds in bio–medical research and the professional beauty industry, we developed the world’s first low-heat styling tool and a new, groundbreaking molecule. These breakthrough inventions allow women to have healthier, stronger, more beautiful hair without damaging it during the styling process. By replacing high heat tools with innovative low heat technology, we won six beauty awards, including the prestigious Allure Breakthrough Product of the Year Award.

We also looked at hair care and how women constantly change their shampoos and conditioners because after a short while, they are not as effective as they used to be.

The new way to hair care is not rocket science. It relies on 3 simple facts:

1. To get perfect hair, you need your hair to do several things at the same time, which are unique and specific to you. One person needs less frizz, less split ends with more volume. Another needs more hydration and shine with dandruff control. How can you get it from a generic hair care product that only does one thing?! So, we came up with the idea that you need a customized formula to provide you with a solution to your specific needs.

2. We all have ingredient tolerance to everything we use. Within a few weeks to months, your hair and scalp will stop reacting to your shampoo and conditioner the way they used to initially. To us it meant that your customized formulas will constantly rotate ingredients that keep addressing the needs you have.

3. Your hair changes throughout the year, as your climate changes. This means that your shampoo should offer you dryness protection during dry times, and anti frizz protection during humid times. So your customized formula needs to address your changing climate too, which we can get from your zip code on your order.

After 3 years of perfecting and testing formulas, we can create for you fully customized products for your needs. Your products will evolve and change every time you order them to avoid ingredient tolerance. You can also personalize them to you. Choose your own fragrance and even name your bottles!

Angela and her team know their stuff. Dedicated, punctual and want to make me (client) happy. Can't ask for more. Joseph S. - Los Angeles, CA

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