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Dr. Ramin Manshadi

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To be the premier cardiovascular practice in the area.

Our Mission

Improve the lives of patients through excellence in Cardiovascular education, prevention, and, the highest quality treatment available.


Dr. Manshadi utilizes today’s most advanced interventional procedures to treat heart-related conditions. These approaches involve the use of thin, flexible tubes called catheters to repair damaged blood vessels or other heart structures. The minimally invasive nature of these procedures makes them easier on patients. They are performed through tiny incision(s), which means less pain, less scarring and a faster recovery time.

Dr. Manshadi has performed many thousands of interventional procedures during his career. His capabilities include cardiac catheterization, coronary artery stenting, renal artery stenting, iliac stenting, drug-eluting stents, balloon angioplasty, pacemaker implantation and defibrillator implantation. Dr. Manshadi performs interventional procedures — the majority of which are done on an outpatient basis — at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Dameron Hospital.


Meet Our Clients

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