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At EcoReco, we would like to preserve the environment in a cool and fun way.

We believe that rather than inheriting the planet from our ancestors, our generation is just temporarily borrowing it from future generations. Therefore, we promote acts of “green”-ness not due to the pursuing of self-importance but because it is the right and responsible thing to do.

Our mission at EcoReco is to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms. We don’t want to accomplish the mission relying on charities or government subsides. We wish to build a self-sustainable business such that future entrepreneurs can be inspired and not afraid of joining the cause.

We put our efforts to innovate, to develop, and to source the brightest ideas from around the world, and we also try to build the right business models to bring them directly to the end users. We work hard to make sure our products are both practical and affordable.


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