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We were sitting around a table, sharing food, and, you guessed it, drinking wine. We’d all come to the US from Europe: London; Sicily; Belgium; France; and Italy. We talked for hours reminiscing and came to realize we shared a common wish. We wanted to share a piece of the European lifestyle with our American friends and neighbors.

We wanted to share with them a luxuriously leisurely meal. We wanted to spend time with friends and family laughing, telling stories, and toasting to a bright future. We wanted to watch the sunset dip behind the horizon with the last sips of a delicate, lingering wine on our palettes.

We wanted to share just one small piece of the European lifestyle and wine was the cornerstone of that vision. We can’t bring everyone to the vineyards of Europe but we can send a piece of those vineyards to you. With that simple wish a dream was born.

Thank you for allowing European Wine Collections USA to be your host on this European wine adventure!


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