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The Freightmouse team is a group of highly experienced professionals that have the combined experience of over a century with regards to logistics, export, compliance, and business administration. The company was founded in 2014 by Jeff Battaglia who learned the trucking industry from an early age. Jeff built a transportation company from the ground up and specialized in servicing the entertainment industry. In the process of searching for back-hauls to fit his operation Jeff quickly became dissatisfied with the shipper-broker-carrier way of doing business and learned that he was not the only one who felt this way. After gaining experience in freight brokering and receiving certification by the Transportation Intermediaries Association Jeff decided to create a new kind of transportation intermediary, one that has considerable benefits for the businesses that use it.

At Freightmouse we challenge the status quo in order to give businesses a new option, one that is remarkably practical and financially beneficial for our members. Freightmouse is built to conform to even the most complex business requirements and gives users more power and control than ever before. We know first-hand how expensive and complicated your operation is, and it is for that reason alone that we exist. We don’t just want your business to survive we want your business to thrive. You will clearly see this in every piece of the Freightmouse platform.


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