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We live in a society where food has become more chemistry than biology. Consumers are confronted with ingredients that they have never heard of and can’t even pronounce. We at INRFOOD want to start a revolution in the way food is viewed by the core components: the ingredients. Working with a team of dieticians, nutritionists, and the people next door we created a place for all these ingredients to be defined. INRFOOD is not an app, product, or even platform, it’s a REVOLUTION. A revolution in the way you eat, understand, select, and define food. Our goal is to empower you to make more informed decisions about your diet. INRFOOD allows you to discuss and share with others and view your diet with advanced analytics. We have worked hard on INRFOOD and we are nowhere near done. We have plans for new tools and features in the future and always welcome your suggestions. Together we can revolutionize our food and in turn, revolutionize our lives.

Bearlymarketing has really spearheaded our social marketing efforts and allowed us to focus on growing our business. Angela and the team have been responsive to our requests and have taken the time to understand our goals and objectives. We are so pleased with their services that we have referred others in our network and all have experienced the same excellent level of satisfaction as we have. Keval M. - Raleigh, NC

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