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Digital innovation takes local door and closet company to #1 in the nation.

Current day technological advances have changed the way we lead our daily lives, from the early creation of the automobile to the development of digital computing found in the ever popular iPhone. These same advancements are not only affecting the way we navigate our lives, but now changing the way we design our lives too.

When the Interior Door and Closet Company introduced their digital measure and cut systems to the Los Angeles market, homeowners became atuned to the upside of remodeling more than just the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, “replacing interior doors is perhaps the most dramatic, yet affordable way to improve the look and feel of your home. And now that IDCC has made their line of Designer Raised Panel Doors available direct to homeowners, the home beautification industry seems to have “opened new doors” for gaining equity.

The Interior Door & Closet Company was featured on the hit TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Their use of technology placed them at the forefront of new age construction, earning them features on multiple airings and other accolades throughout the years. Most notably, their investments in state-of-the-art digital machinery have allowed this forward thinking company to accomplish an imperative goal; elimination of measuring and cutting errors that occur through traditional construction or handyman methods. Their attention to precision eliminates virtually any on-the-job errors, thereby saving time and money for the homeowner. By reducing total labor costs by almost 85%, they are the most cost efficient option for LA homeowners.

The family owned business also integrates this same digital technology into its closet organization division. Their designers are now generating digital 3D designed custom closet systems for their clients. They have thrown the traditional grid paper and pencil out the door and revolutionized the homeowner’s remodeling experience. You will see exactly what your closet looks like, before you opt to buy it.

IDCC has taken the guess work out of an industry that’s notorious for drawn out construction periods and costly labor.


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