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At Karids we had a simple dream and what we essentially did was to combine it with an idea and added just a bit of our own flare for creativity and genius to bring you awesome accessories for your baby. We wanted to create a line of premium baby apparels which aren’t just trendy but unique as well. Which is why a lot of effort goes into designing and putting together each one of the products which you see online today. The reason behind that logic?

Well its simple, we just didn’t want the product to look good! We also wanted it to be practical and highlight functional as well. So – the end result is a fashionista baby who know what they are all about! And you’re left standing proud and wide chested, because of your adorable little munchkin! With a knack for it we decided to produce and sell bandana bibs for the toddler who knows their way about the house. And this is exactly why they need a bandana bib – it’s for all those occasions, from an evening around the house to a day out in the park or even a play date.

A bandana bib from Karids livens up baby and helps you keep them tidy, neat and clean. Passionate about the work we do and product we bring you as a result – our aim here is to make you fall in love with us. So – we design each product with the hope of bringing a unique perspective out in the open. Something you not only think is essential but also something which you and your baby will love to use!


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At Bearly Marketing, our clients are #1! Here are some of our current clients:

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