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Education is at a critical juncture in its evolution

For thousands of years, the ways people learned barely changed, from classroom instruction to apprenticeships to books. Since the turn of the century, however, we’ve seen an explosion in both the types of learning tools and the quantity. With Internet access becoming almost ubiquitous for much of the world, we are now able to create and learn from instructional material in a dizzying array of formats including YouTube channels, online courses, mobile apps, Kindle ebooks, PlayStation games, and many more.

Enter Homeschooling

This massive increase in online and offline learning materials allows millions (even billions!) of people to access knowledge that used to be restricted by location or cost, and it has enabled homeschooling to flourish at least as quickly as adult education.

Parents now have a multitude of options for either teaching their youngsters at home or supplementing their schoolwork, and the problem has shifted from trying to find any learning materials to trying to find the right learning materials. How do you sift through dozens of books, videos, apps, and websites, all claiming to be the best way to learn Guitar, Calculus, Digital Photography, or Spanish?

Learnamic helps you find the right learning materials for you and your kids

Search engines can easily find lists of materials, but only people can recommend the best learning resources.

This is why we started Learnamic. We connect people who want to learn with people who have already learned any topic you can think of, providing tips, guidance, and encouragement. Our goals are to:

  • Help you find learning materials you and your kids are most likely to enjoy, continue, and finish
  • Save you time and money by avoiding poorly-designed, dated, or incomplete learning materials
  • Provide a supportive environment that fosters lifetime learning

Meet Our Clients

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