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Petrics, Inc. is an innovative pet healthcare technology company headquartered in Wilmington, NC that is dedicated to empowering pet owners with access to detailed health and nutrition information that is specifically tailored to their unique pet, so their furry loved one can live a healthier and happier life.

Our growing ecosystem of elegant and sophisticated pet products give owners the means to accurately monitor and act upon their pet’s health and behavior, detecting issues early, thus preventing late veterinary visits that cost pet owners more time, money, or even worse, death of their pets. At the foundation of the health tracking and lifesaving capabilities of our products is our mobile App, which empowers pet owners by helping them maintain their veterinary appointments and medication schedules, identify proper diet plans and foods, control future products within the Petrics ecosystem, and provide professionally recommended tips from top animal science specialists. Our patented healthcare platform helps pet owners better manage their pets’ health, creating happier homes and healthier pets, so you can love your pet longer.


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