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Backed by over two decades of solar-electric power expertise, the founders have developed a cutting-edge dynamic online platform that greatly simplifies and customizes the evaluation process of your property’s solar potential while making it a fun, educative and user-friendly experience.

Some of the currently available tools are: Energy Yield Prediction Tool, Cost of Energy Calculation Tool, Technology Selection Tool, Financial Option Selection and Comparison Tool, PMax Area Calculator™ and PMax Savings Optimizer™. In addition to these, PMax Solar is in the process of developing many more advanced solar specific tools.

Through our integrated online platform, prospective solar electric customers have an impartial source of information that is directly relevant to their specific situation, while solar system installers have access to proprietary tools that help reduce their customer acquisition and system design costs. Other interested parties such as solar loan providers, banks and realtors also have access to these tools, relevant market data and opportunities for partnership.

PMax Solar focuses on the generation of well informed and educated roof-top solar customers that represent high quality close-ready leads to solar system installers of any size. In addition, the company provides proprietary tools that greatly facilitates roof-top solar installers sales process and roof-top solar electricity system design. We have something wonderful for anyone and everyone interested in solar.

Together, we can better harness the power of the sun for the benefit of current and future generations!


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