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Niki Spohn started Pump Fitness around the idea that you can achieve anything with the right attitude, strategy and support. We specialize in an individualized approach to training that goes far beyond reps, and diet. But unlike other training programs, our aim is to teach you to make permanent lifestyle changes that you can continue on your own.

With a degree in bioscience and more than 25 years of experience, Niki brings extensive hands-on knowledge to the challenge of fitness. The Pump program is tailored to the needs and goals of every client—the professional athlete, the gym regular who wants to change things up, and the first-timer. We treat intense training as a key part of a well-rounded, healthy approach to life. In the end, the important thing is getting the results you want.


Meet Our Clients

At Bearly Marketing, our clients are #1! Here are some of our current clients:

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