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    Our partners have been an active music licensing company and song publisher supplying content to the film, TV, and multimedia industries for nearly 15 years.

    We are not a stock music library, but more of a hands-on, no BS “boutique” music company, and we represent hand picked bands, songwriters, and composers who are serious about exploiting their musical creations.

    We work hard for our Artists & songwriting partners in order to provide them with a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing music business

    Our  radio distribution partner’s  that helps major and independent musicians and bands distribute their music to over 200,000 radio stations, radio professionals, DJs and more. Roadhouse Records  exclusive distribution network includes virtually every radio station in the US and is rapidly expanding to give artists access to global radio markets.

    Roadhouse Music Licensing company’s is the best in the Music buzz we work with them to place our Artists to Dreamwork Animation SKG, Universal Motion Picture, HBO , Lifetime , Showtime , NBC Universal’s via , Sony Picture, Oprah, Fuel TV , E! Entertainment, Video Game And More.


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