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Rove Concepts began with beautiful mid-century furniture but our dedication to artisanal-level craftsmanship, sustainability and accessibility has led to so much more.
We started as a solution to a common problem. Our founder was decorating his home when he realized that all the furniture he loved was too expensive, poorly made or disposable. This challenge motivated him to launch the iconic Rove Concepts Collection, a line of affordable, customizable reproductions made from high quality, ethically sourced materials.
Our success has led to the establishment of two more exclusive furniture lines to produce original pieces to meet every interior need. Driven by the same principles of design integrity, environmental stewardship and value that have inspired us since the very beginning, the Rove Concepts Collection, Kure Collection and Nest are here for you.

Angela really actually knows social media. We have tried several companies and freelancers and Angela is refreshing to work! Always on time and puts out amazing work! Victor O. - Vancouver, BC

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