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It’s not every day that a premier leadership network and a jobs board merge together to create one solution – but that’s exactly what School Leadership Jobs has done.

Gone are the days when job seekers flocked to traditional job boards. Today, more and more employers and job seekers are realizing the benefit and cost savings of using niche boards like SLJobs. The research proves this…. “People want to identify themselves with like minded groups and social outlets. We just help everyone along the way.”
By tapping into the massively growing trend of social media and merging with a School Leadership Jobs Board – it’s a win-win for organizations looking to fill vacancies and the school leader who is seeking a new job.

At School Leadership Jobs, we take it one step further – our jobs are feed to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter followers. Leveraging our social network and jobs brief digest we SLJobs insures maximum visibility in multiple media channels at an amazing price.


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