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Well, hello there! Welcome to Smooches Pet Boutique! You’re probably wondering who we are and what we’re all about, right? Better grab a cup of tea and settle into your comfy chair, cause we have a story to tell you…

Once upon a time there lived two sisters who were insanely passionate about their furry family members. They were always on the hunt for fun and unique pet products. They searched high and low for quality dog beds, stylish dog collars, leashes, quirky pet costumes (yes, we’re “those” people), healthy treats, and everything in-between. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much out there that truly loved. One day it dawned on them… Why not start their own store and carry all the products they were searching for?! And then POOF! Smooches Pet Boutique was born! Ok, ok, it wasn’t’t really that easy. Lots of blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and aspirin have went into opening this site. But it’s all been well worth it! Each and every product has been hand picked by us. We absolutely love and adore everything we carry, and we hope you will too!

We are on a constant quest to find new and exciting additions for the store; if you have any suggestions about products you’d like to see us carry please feel free to contact us.


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At Bearly Marketing, our clients are #1! Here are some of our current clients:

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