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Selling and Purchasing homes can be one of the most emotional transactions you can experience. I was on the Escrow side for 15 years and wondered thru every deal what I could have done to make things easier on every client. Now I am here, in Real Estate, knowing what I can do for you! Every person deserves communication, passion, kindness, integrity and excitement with every aspect of a purchase made! Please allow me the pleasure of helping get you thru the biggest purchase of your life with calmness and ease so you can sit back and watch your dreams come true! You deserve this!

I can't express enough how amazing it has been working with Bearly Marketing, but most of all with Artavia Everson as my Campaign Specialist for my business Facebook account. I am not good with marketing on social media and it is hard for me to speak what it is I want, but Artavia made me feel confident in putting myself out there! I jumble words together and she creates a beautiful picture! (As though she read my mind) I have had co-workers, outside business', friends and family compliment my page over and over again! I don't worry for one second what will be popping up on my page, I already know it's perfect! I truly feel that allowing Bearly Marketing to handle my account has boosted my exposure and my confidence!Thank you so much, especially to Artavia! Thank you for allowing me to be human and taking a piece of my thought and making it whole! Rebecca C - Lake Elsinore, CA

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