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In March of 2009, Josiah Lorentzen and Brandon Bartz decided they should give a workout called CrossFit a try. What started off as a couple of friends awkwardly attempting 20 different movements that made very little sense, soon became a lifestyle and a career. When Quad City CrossFit opened in September of 2009, the brothers-in-law had modest yet hopeful expectations of where QCCF would go. Being the area’s first CrossFit gym, they weren’t sure how people would respond. Starting the first day of classes with 17 members, mainly made up of close friends and family, they had no idea the journey that awaited them…

At the start of the business, both partners had other jobs, but within 6 months both had decided to make QCCF a full time career. The 17 original members had already multiplied to over 75 dedicated, hard working members. This was a shock and a blessing, considering their 1 year goal was 50 members. Members were already seeing unbelievable results, and spreading the word. As the owners’ passion for nutrition and fitness grew, so did the gym’s attendance.

Currently QCCF has over 400 members after partnering with Brent Decastecker and opening their 2nd location in Moline Illinois. The community of athletes that make up QCCF is diverse yet unified. QCCF is committed to reaching out to people of all types, constantly challenging ordinary people to do extraordinary things. QCCF has the most experience and the best training in the area. Josiah and Brandon are focused on constantly bettering their training while building the strongest community possible. They keep the class sizes low so that members can experience optimal personal attention from coaches to help them succeed and reach their goals.


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