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I am trained as a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist. I work in play therapy and talk therapy with children of all ages, their parents, and other adults who, of course, were once children themselves.

In the course of interactive play, I have seen young children communicate and work through typical childhood concerns and curiosities as well as exceptional traumatic experiences that are particular to them. I have been impressed with the extent to which children are able, through interactive play, to freely express their feelings, make meaning of their experiences, develop a sense of who they are, access their empathy, find new ways to negotiate and sustain relationships, resolve conflicts, gain confidence, settle worries, and come to understand themselves and others.

Through my experience, I have learned that the early years of life, especially from birth (or even just before!) through kindergarten and early grade school, are the formative years that set up a child’s future. These years establish the foundation for the child’s personality, psychology, self-esteem, potential for relating, emotional life, and capabilities for adaptation and resilience. Playing with children makes an important contribution to their healthy and robust development!

Back-and-forth play with children paves the way for them to become well-adjusted, resilient, competent, fulfilled, connected and contributing adults. Play is also a pathway for parents to build lifelong close and collaborative relationships with their children through the attunement, communication, understanding, and joy that come with playing together

My books and games originate from this perspective. I hope that you and your child enjoy some delightful Two Way Play together!


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