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Wisdom Times is the #1 Personal Success Resource on the Planet!

Our Goal is to inspire and elevate your life to its true potential.

You have one Life – before you kick the bucket. So, why not live the Life of your Dreams? Now!

This site is for YOU if –

tickmark You feel you were born to do something bigger or better, but you don’t know where to start.

tickmark You make excuses and blame others for not pursuing your dreams and living a life you love.

tickmark You feel you are poor and need to earn more money!

tickmark You are stuck in your Job, and don’t know how to progress in your Career.

tickmark You work 60-80 hour a week to achieve an income level to provide a good life for your family.

tickmark You don’t have any goals in life, and even if you do – you don’t think you can achieve them.

tickmark Your work life balance  is out of whack!… Your relationships are in shambles.

tickmark You are horizontally challenged (fat!) and eat unhealthy food.

tickmark You lack motivation and you are scared to take risks!

tickmark You feel nothing is hugely wrong in life. But nothing feels right either. There has to be more to life.

tickmark You think Spirituality is Religion!

tickmark You are looking for some guidance to set your life straight! You want an Awesome Life.

What makes someone ordinary become extraordinary?

What are the Secrets to Success?

At Wisdom Times, we teach you essential skills not taught in schools – and help address some of life’s most common problems around career, business, relationships, money & health.

We believe every human being has an equal chance to succeed in life.  The key lies in –

tickmark Knowledge (what to do and why),

tickmark Skill (how to do) and

tickmark Desire (motivation, the want to do).

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Discover how to “Create Your Life!” one step at a time.


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