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We pride ourselves on what we call comprehensive social media management. What does that mean? That means we strive to take social media completely off your hands, so you can focus on running your business. It means we hone in on your goals and budget to make sure that you are successful on social media. We love social media and provide you with professional and friendly service, with a specialist who is dedicated to you and your brand. This isn’t your cookie cutter one size fits all generic solution. We tailor our strategy and service so your business shines on social media.

One Platform is One Social Media Profile

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Profile – Content Optimization and Custom Profile Artwork as Needed
Posting – Three to Seven Times Per Week (Except Pinterest, Which we pin to 15 times per week).
All content is optimized and shared across platforms, scheduled one week in advance for you to review!
Interaction – Responding to Questions, Comments, and All Fan Interaction
Social Reports – Free Social Reports Detailing the Results of Your Organic and Paid Campaigns
Graphic Design – Beautiful, Custom Branded Graphics.
Team – Dedicated Campaign Specialist Who Works Tirelessly for you and your brand!


Enhanced Services – As an additional boost to your Instagram and/or Twitter campaign, we recommend our Enhanced Service. With our Enhanced option, your Instagram and/or Twitter account will see exceptional engagement, no matter how big or small. On Instagram, engagement drives search, and our targeted hashtags will get your posts maximum exposure. On Twitter, engagement is all about who’s talking about your brand and getting exposure. Our Enhanced Service is $50 a month per platform (Instagram or Twitter) and highly recommended for everyone who is looking to maximize their presence, brand, and search results.

Social Advertising – Social Advertising is a crucial element to any successful social media campaign. If you are looking to grow your followers or engage your fans, we have the advertising chops to make that happen. Looking for ROI? Through highly targeted Facebook ads and landing pages we can get people to your website with clear, trackable results. Be sure to talk to your Social Media Specialist about your social goals and how advertising can help!

Blogging – We offer our weekly blogging services. We will match your blogs with professional photos and post them to your website and all the social media sites we manage on your behalf. Blogs are 300-500 words depending on the option you select. Topics are either provided by client or researched and selected by Bearly Marketing based on your keywords and target demographics. All blogs are matched with a high quality, license free graphic.

Option One – Standard Blogging
For $200 a month, Bearly Marketing will write four 300 word blogs based on the topics, keywords, and demographic research you provide. Topics will be provided by Bearly Marketing based on your goals and market, or you are welcome to provide your own! Blogs will be posted to your website and all social media channels we manage on your behalf.

Option Two- Enhanced Blogging
For $300 a month, Bearly Marketing will write four 500 word blogs based on the keywords you provide, and the topics and demographics we determine based on your goals and market. Blogs will be posted to your website and all social media channels we manage on your behalf. Bearly Marketing will also design a custom graphic for each of your blog posts, ensuring optimum creativity to match your content.

Influencer/Blogger Outreach – Do you have an e-commerce site that sells products in the fashion, beauty, home or toy industry? Our team will actively engage with online influencers with the same target demographic and raise brand awareness on a larger scale. By interacting on their platforms with their large, relevant following, your brand receives increased exposure to expand your loyal following. We will outreach to them on your behalf and gift them product, introducing them to your brand and encouraging them to post on their social media platforms and ultimately accelerating brand awareness. We will keep a report that tracks who we have reached out to in addition to their responses for your review. This service includes reaching out and maintaining relationships with twenty new influencers/bloggers each month for a flat rate of $200 per month.

Email Marketing – Connecting with your mailing list is an important part of every businesses marketing plans. Bearly will design monthly, bi monthly, or weekly custom HTML newsletters that promote your brand. Our process involves working with you to best identify the key content for each newsletter, coming up with a beautiful layout and design, and distribution to your list. Our newsletter service is $150 per distribution.

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