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A Quick Guide to Writing A Captivating Blog Post

A Quick Guide to Writing A Captivating Blog Post

It’s a fact: companies that utilize blogging get an average of 30% more website traffic. Increased lead generation, higher conversion rates, more inbound links, and stronger customer relations are other statistically-proven marketing benefits of blog writing. If your business isn’t taking advantage of these opportunities yet, then now is the perfect time to start.

Professional blogging services are effective and affordable — but, as an expert in your industry, you are also uniquely qualified to write about your business and the services you offer. If you are interested in writing your own blog posts for your online marketing strategy, then this quick guide can help:

Planning your Article
Giving yourself a few minutes to plan ahead will save you time in the long run while also greatly increasing the quality of your writing. Here are three quick steps you should take before getting started:

• Consider Your Audience. Who are you writing for, and what are your blogging goals? The way you answer this question will have a huge impact on your writing style. A B2B company aiming to increase conversions will likely write technical material full of statistics and case studies, for example — whereas a B2C company hoping to generate more interest in their website might focus on entertaining and lighthearted content full of stories and jokes.

• Research Keywords. Writing a blog with a singular focus on keywords is not a good idea. Not only will it be boring to read, it could even trigger blacklisting from Google’s new search engine algorithm, which strives to promote high-quality, user-friendly content. That being said, including a few strategically-chosen keywords can help make your post more visible while also attracting a more relevant audience.

• Make an Outline. This will help give your writing a logical and readable structure, while also helping you stay focused and write faster. Though not all writers swear by outlines, most find that this strategy helps them to craft a better final product in less time, all while ensuring that they don’t accidentally leave out any important points.

The Writing Process
It’s time to shine! Once you have completed the aforementioned planning process, writing should be a breeze. (Except for when those inevitable moments of writer’s block crop up!) When they do, they following tips may offer a bit of inspiration:

• Nail the Opening Line. The opening line has two crucial responsibilities. It must introduce the topic, and it must capture the attention of your audience. Quotes, questions, stories, and even jokes can all do the trick. Giving an interesting and relevant statistic can also be a useful device — and, as you may have noticed, this is how we opted to open this blog post!

• Incorporate Rhetorical Devices. Good writers think of rhetorical devices such as allusion, allegories, and repetition the way cooks think of spices: though not strictly necessary, these tools can add lots of life to your blog. This quick guide to basic rhetorical devices can help make your writing more entertaining, more understandable, and more interesting, so be sure to consult it next time you work on a blog post!

• Make it New. There are over 30 trillion unique web pages indexed on Google — the odds are pretty good that, whatever you are writing about, someone else has written about the same thing. Though choosing a unique topic may be close to impossible, however, putting a unique spin on that topic is not. Making an argument that goes against conventional wisdom, incorporating some of your own personal experiences, and/or responding to another blogger are all good ways of doing this.

The Final Edit
Editing is about more than just spell checking! If you really want your final product to shine, it is important to put some real elbow grease into that rough draft you just cranked out. Here are six steps that you must take:

• Clarify. Many experts claim that 90% of human communication depends upon non-verbal elements. (i.e. tone of voice, gestures, body language, facial expressions, etc.) When writing, you can depend only on the words that put down onto the page — which is precisely why expressing oneself through the written word can sometimes be surprisingly challenging. Giving your work a quick read-though (out loud, if possible) in order to identify lack of clarity is usually a good idea.

• Be More Concise. The 21st century attention span is notoriously short — don’t waste people’s time with long-winded writing if it’s not necessary. On a related note, breaking long sentences into shorter chunks usually makes for an easier read. And small paragraphs can add whitespace to the page, reducing the infamous ´wall of text´ effect that plagues so many webpages.

• Incorporate Hyperlinks. Building backlinks offers tremendous SEO benefits for your company — and blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways of achieving just that. Moreover, hyperlinking to other online resources can be genuinely useful for your readers. Example: if you want to learn more about the benefits of backlinks, check out this recently published Bearly Marketing blog article.

• Now Spell/Grammar Check Your Work. Once all your other editing work is done, a quick run through for grammar and spelling can help polish off any errors and make your writing look far more professional. Though automated spell/grammar checkers can be useful, they are no substitute for personal diligence — typos and other mistakes have a pesky way of slipping past spell checking algorithms!

Take your company blog to the next level with Bearly Marketing. Whether you wish to continue contributing occasional articles to the blog or not, we can help ramp up your production by providing high-quality blog articles on a weekly basis. Our blog writing services are customized to the needs of each and every client, and always include relevant keywords and backlinks. Additional factors such as article length, accompanying images, and blog frequency can be personalized based on your goals. Visit Bearly Marketing online to learn more about our services, pricing, and more!

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