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11 Social Media Marketing Tips

11 Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. Diversify

There are lots of social networks out there, and each one appeals to a slightly different audience. A smart, effective, and well-run social media marketing campaign should reach people all across the web—which means taking advantage of networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, micro-blogging sites like Twitter, niche sites like Instagram, etc.

  1. Consider the competition

It’s clear enough that we should analyze our own social media results and refine our strategies accordingly. An equally important part of the equation, however, is analyzing the competition—this can quickly provide new ideas and perspectives about what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Understand indirect marketing

Social media marketing is often more about brand building than directly generating sales. Your main objective should be building and maintaining an engaged and interested audience—thus building relationships, loyalty, and brand awareness.

  1. Use direct marketing—smartly and selectively

Of course, direct marketing also has its place. “Friends only” special offers and other social media specific deals are a good example of this.

  1. Social media goes two ways

Your social media experience should be more than just a monologue—social media also provides a unique and personal look into what people say about your services. It’s a chance to respond to complaints and praises—and consider the truth behind them. Social media can help you refine your product to better meet the needs and wants of your customer base.

  1. Take advantage of Google analytics

Though it may look a bit intimidating at first, Google analytics is a powerful tool for finding out how to better reach your target audience.

  1. Be yourself

Social media is a chance to interact with your customers in a uniquely informal environment. Being laid back and sincere can help put a more human face on your company, thus building trust and familiarity.

  1. Use word of mouth promotion

Social media marketing doesn’t always begin online. In fact, few customers will take the initiative to search out your companies social media pages unless they are personally invited. Make it a point to invite them, and tell your staff to do the same. Other in-person techniques such as a call to action on your business cards can also work wonders for you page.

  1. Be nice

Your online persona ultimate represents your brand and your company. Always be honest, personable, and fair—even when responding to the most difficult customers. Avoid spamming up people’s newsfeeds with excessive posts and offers.

  1. Don’t get caught up in the numbers

Counting up friend-lists isn’t necessarily the best way to measure your online success. Remember, a real relationship is worth a hundred online “friends” who have no real interaction with your page.

  1. Use at least one platform to offer in-depth, genuinely helpful content

Though catchy updates and viral content sharing are great for grabbing people’s attention, it’s also a good idea to offer knowledgeable, in-depth content relevant to your company—a blog or a podcast, for example.

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