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12 Ways to Create New Content In 12 Minutes Or Less 

12 Ways to Create New Content In 12 Minutes Or Less 

Managing social media for professional purposes can seem like an overwhelming task. Keeping pages up to date, responding to messages and comments in a timely fashion, and running ad campaigns are all challenging and time-consuming endeavors in their own right. But perhaps the biggest challenge of all in the world of social media is content.  


Gaining a good understanding of what types of content connect with your audience is a difficult undertaking that requires lots of hard work, dedication, and research — and even curating quality content can be a challenge. Creating original content, as you probably know, is a major hurdle for even the most confident of business owners and marketing experts.  


All the same, creating original content is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to building an effective social media campaign. Original content helps attract more attention from potential customers and social media influencers alike. Moreover, original social media content has been shown to increase website traffic, which is one of the most important goals of social media in the first place!  


Because original content is both extremely important to use and rather challenging to create, it is one of the most common reasons why clients contact us here at Bearly Marketing. By creating blog posts, social media updates, graphics, and other forms of original content, we can help your company stay on the cutting edge of the social media scene, bringing in new leads while boosting brand awareness and your overall online following.  


Here’s a secret, though: creating content isn’t always as difficult as it seems. And whether you prefer to go it alone or choose to enlist the help of a professional social media marketing agency, you can help improve your social media marketing campaign by contributing your own content.  


If you are interested in creating your own content for your social media pages without spending all day struggling to get inspired, then check out this quick list of twelve ways to create new content in twelve minutes or less! 


  • Breath New Life Into Your Old Content.Old content can be updated and renovated relatively quickly. Adding new text in front of an old image, or editing and updating the text of an old blog, for example, are both great ways of making old content relevant again within a matter of just a few minutes.
  • Ask A Question.What better way to conduct market research while also creating engaging social media content than to ask a question? This can be done on virtually any social media platform fairly easily — although Facebook’s Poll feature makes this social network an especially tempting option.
  • Snap a Pic.Taking a candid photo of yourself, your employees, your production process, or even a consenting customer are all extremely fast ways of creating insightful and interesting content that any social media user could be interested in.
  • Record a Video.The slightly more involved version of the last tip: try taking a video instead of snapping a pic. Facebook has made a special effort to include video as a part of their platform, so your videos should find a good home there!
  • Repost a Raving Review.If you have received an excellent review from one of your customers over the course of the past few months, than making a great social media post could be as simple as pressing copy and then paste! Sharing a great review through all your social media platforms is a great way of showing potential customers what you are capable of doing, while helping your current customers (particularly the person who wrote the review) to feel extremely valued!
  • Do Some Bragging.On a related note: if you have a fantastic sale going on, or if you have won a local business award, or achieved anything else impressive lately, why not brag about it? Writing a quick paragraph about your success can be super easy and super rewarding, and it can help your social media campaign to boot!
  • Tap Into Trending Topics.Popular topics — whether directly related to your line of business or not — can serve as a good source of inspiration that is guaranteed to garner at least a little bit of attention.
  • Write a Quick Blog Post.Writing is a very intimidating task, without a doubt. However, writing about a topic that you understand deeply doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult. One great way of creating content quickly is to write a short blog about a subject that you understand well — and if writing quickly is a problem for you, then you may enjoy the appWrite or Die, which is designed to facilitate faster writing through a system of rewards and punishment.  
  • Use Audio.Video, images, and text are the most popular forms of social media content, without a doubt. Hosting audio content on a popular website such assoundcloud and posting it to your social media page is a good way to stand out — and quality audio recordings, whether an interview with an employee or customer, are relatively easy to create.  
  • Crack a Joke.Not all your social media content needs to be dead serious. In fact, most of us turn to social media in search of entertainment, not sales content! So if you have a good joke, why not share it with your online audience?
  • Make a Chart.Illustrating the positive effects that your product or service can have with a graph or chart is extremely easy thanks to new technology such — and sharing this content is just as simple!  
  • Cross-Share, Curate and Recycle.Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that not all the content you post to yoursocial media platforms needs to be entirely original. In fact, reusing content is a great way to save time and money — especially if your reused content is selected carefully. So recycling your previous content, curating relevant content from other social media influencers, and cross-sharing social media content from your other sites are all effective ways of making your social media campaign more effective! 



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