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3 Unconventional Tips for Social Media Marketing

3 Unconventional Tips for Social Media Marketing

Here are 3 often overlooked ideas and unconventional tips that could make a big difference in the way you think about social media marketing:

1. Promotion is more important than content in social media marketing.

“Don’t worry about promotion, just make the best product you can make and eventually people will realize the difference and they will be coming to you.”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, that’s just not how the real world works.  News flash: the internet is huge.  There are over 4.65 billion indexed webpages in existence (and of course, the unindexed “dark” web is estimated to be many times larger!)  So if you’re going to stand out from all that noise, you will definitely need stellar content.  With so many websites out there, though, content alone is simply not enough.  You need to be smart about how you market yourself.

In social media, this means not only building a large following, but also making sure that your following is comprised of the right people.  Here are a few quick tips:

  • The Twitter search bar can be used as a directory to find people based upon interest, location, industry, category, or just about any other subject you can imagine.  This will help you build a following of people to whom you are truly relevant.
  • Connect your online followings.  Encourage email subscribers to like your Facebook page, tweet about your blog and blog about your Twitter.  Be sure that your social media pages are embedded into your company website.  The more you can connect those social media ages, the broader reach each one will have.
  • Re-share viral content in order to get people clicking on something that is genuinely entertaining: if they like your posts (regardless of its relevance) there are more likely to continue paying attention to you in the future.
  • Include a social media call to action on your business card (i.e. find us on Facebook!)

2. Bridge the gap between social media and the real world.

Connect the real world to your online social media using online promotions redeemable in-store, events organized through social media, a good “about us video,” etc. This will help your social media profile become realer and more trustworthy while also giving people a reason to come visit your physical location.

3. Be a social media presence, but don’t be overly present on social media.

Social media is great, but it can be an enormous time drain.  While it’s important to be consistent with your social media marketing, try to find ways to minimize the amount of time you spend scrolling through Facebook or browsing Twitter.  Using 3rd party tools such as Hootsuite of Buffer, you can even create content beforehand and then share it according to a set schedule.  You could even create a “library” of interesting content (posts, links, articles, etc.) that you have produced beforehand–thus allowing you to log in, post content, and log out.  Saving social media until after work will give a large boost in productivity and focus.

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