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It may sound a bit obvious, but we all know it’s true.. you must focus on the customer rather than just the advertising platform. “Focus on the customer” is a phrase that’s been stated time and time again – but it’s true! Capable of writing glowing reviews, sharing your product or service with personal friends, and creating their own content, customers are able to advertise your product or service better than any paid ad ever could. But what does it mean to “focus on the customer” when it comes to social media marketing in 2022? Enter “Social Proof”

Social Proof is just this: creating consistent content, building up your brand’s online reputation, and having a highly shoppable website. After collecting a handful of raving reviews from customers, you’ll have all of the social proof you need in order to become successful. We can provide guidance to reach those goals.


Get Noticed with Full Website Functionality, Shopability & SEO Audit

The key to a consistent and effective digital presence is your website. If potential customers aren’t able to find you (SEO), understand what you do (functionality), or convert (shopability), then you’re already three steps behind the competition. Our comprehensive service starts with a full website audit and update to ensure that you’re always three big steps ahead, rather than falling further behind!

Build Your Strategy

Craft a Strategy Around Your Personal Goals & Brand

After evaluating your website and brand, the next step is to create a professional social plan in order to receive exclusive reviews. Your Campaign Specialist will craft a marketing plan, goals for you to review and collaborate on prior to launch, and ensure that we’ve brought everything together to properly meet your goals. Our purpose is to make sure that you receive a professional, thoughtful, and thorough plan.

Full Website Functionality

Develop Custom Content and Launch Campaigns

At the end of the day, everyone wants their business to be successful but getting there isn’t always easy. Work hands-on with our team as we help grow your brand through our organic content management, strategic growth campaigns, review generation, and complimentary campaigns like Influencer Marketing and Blogging. We’ll focus your time and investment into building social proof, without draining your wallet.

Build Credibility and Social Proof

Build Credibility and Social Proof for Your Business

Everything we build and create is done to help establish your Social Proof. Think of Social Proof as an investment into the most relevant and powerful currency for your business: your online reputation.The shoppability and functionality of your website, consistent and informative customer reviews and a professional social media presence all heavily define your brand. We will support you with all three and greatly improve your business’s online reputation.

building social proof

Barely Marketing Will Allow You to Devote More Time to Your Business

  • We handle everything related to social media, from your account growth and user engagement to offering content ideas, as well as additional services like blogging and product photography.
  • We offer a vast range of services related to social media marketing, and can help you to see a positive change in your business’ Social Proof with our help.
  • Tackle other aspects of your own business without having to worry about your online marketing.

What is Social Proof?
Social Proof is the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something, or enjoying a product or service.

Why is Social Proof so Dang Important in Business?
Social Proof is particularly important in business because it allows companies to take advantage of external validation and customer advocacy in order to influence potential customers. Things such as user reviews are incredibly important in selling a product, as it allows customers to see what other consumers like themselves think of a product before buying it themselves!

Social Proof is more important now than ever before, because we live in such a digitally-driven world. Whether you own a car repair shop, restaurant, or tech business, every type of business benefits from having an active online presence.

Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Having Social Proof

  • Allow your businesses to grow even outside of business hours, thanks to the nature of social media.
  • Using hashtags and other trending methods on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok can allow your business to further expand your audience and reach new potential customers.
  • Make use of social media influencers, who can get your product in front of potential customers.

Bearly Marketing can help your business build Social Proof, and improve your brand’s online presence in no time. With the help of a great marketing agency, you’ll be able to use Social Proof to strengthen your business in no time!

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