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How Can Social Media Bring Exposure to Your Company?

How Can Social Media Bring Exposure to Your Company?

As any astute business person knows, the most fundamental goal of marketing is brand awareness. This is, to use a somewhat overused metaphor, the seed that can one day grow into any number of valuable things: a lead, a sale, a referral, maybe even a loyal and lifelong customer. It all starts with brand awareness.


This is exactly why social media marketing is so useful: it is a powerful tool that can win your business or organization enormous amounts of exposure. Used by billions around the world and boasting free and open access, social media is perhaps the great equalizer when it comes to exposure. With an intelligent marketing strategy, even small businesses on tight budgets can outshine and outperform famous and well-funded competition. With the right approach, social media can help your organization attain more publicity than you may have ever thought possible. Here’s how:


Connect with Your Existing Base

Social media offers an easy and unobtrusive way to stay in contact with your existing customer base. This can help you to maintain your relationships with these customers even if they are not currently looking to make any purchases. It also gives you a special platform through which you can offer loyalty rewards and exclusive deals. Even if your social media account never brings in a single lead, you can still benefit greatly simply by using the medium to capitalize on existing leads that may have otherwise been lost. Of course, any business owner who has invested time and money into his or her social media effort would hope to have the best of both worlds; why not gain leads while also working on your existing relationships? One of the most important ways of accomplishing this is by generating references.


Get More Referrals

Social media makes giving and receiving referrals easy. At one point or another, we’ve all meant to recommend a restaurant, a mechanic, or a hair stylist to a friend — only to have the idea slip our minds. Social media makes giving such recommendations fast, easy, and direct, encouraging your customers to tag a friend or share your page. Simply by virtue of expediting this process, social media can help bring you new leads. Of course, companies who are willing to directly encourage referrals may have a shot at raking in even greater rewards. Many companies have had enormous success creating promotions that encourage followers to recommend the page to friends in exchange for a special product or discount.


Share Your Content

Perhaps the most unique and valuable aspect of social media is that it offers a platform through which uniquely crafted or carefully curated content can be shared quickly among large groups of people. The benefit of this, as we mentioned in the previous section, is that social media offers the possibility for voluntary marketing. Instead of imposing an advertisement upon potential customers, why not encourage them to interact directly with your company by offering them some form of content that is truly valuable to them? If you can manage to inform, entertain, inspire, or amuse your audience, then you are guaranteed to have their genuine and undivided attention — something that advertisers have been struggling to obtain for as long as advertising has existed.


Additionally, if your content is good enough, your audience may begin to share it with their friends as well! This creates the opportunity for exponential growth in terms of exposure and brand awareness, which almost always translates to tangible success.


Build Connections with Influencers

While we’re on the subject of sharing content, it is worth noting that your social media endeavors will allow you to build relationships with both potential customers and with social media influencers. Defined as any social media presence with a wide and engaged following, social media influencers hold a great deal of power in the online world. If you can get an influencer in your industry to take note of your efforts, you may receive an additional boost when that influencer decides to feature your company or your content. This is just one more exciting way in which social media offers the possibility of rapid growth and success.


Manage Customer Relations

Once your social media presence has become pronounced enough, you may begin to see a serious number of customers directly engaging with your page in order to tell you about the experience that they have had with your company. When managed correctly, this can generate fantastic publicity.


A word of warning, however: you must learn how to take the good with the bad. When a customer cares enough about his or her experience to write an online review, it is generally because that experience was either extremely positive or extremely negative. Not to worry; the great condolence that social media offers in the face of such problems is that it allows you to respond for yourself. As long as you are reasonable and perhaps a bit generous, even such negative experiences can turn into long-term positives. In the long run, it is better to know about your unhappy customers so that you can improve their experience, rather than simply letting them disappear and never enjoying their business again.


Unify Your Online Presence

Last but not least, social media offers you the ability to connect and unify your online presence. One great example of how this can be done is by promoting your online store through your social media accounts. Facebook even allows you to make sales directly through their platform, thanks to their new partnership with Shopify. A Google Plus page can make your business more visible on the maps page and improve local SEO — and it can also offer a link directly to the company home page. Speaking of that home page, social media pins are a great way to spruce up your look while connecting you to a broader audience around the web. By unifying your online presence, you can bring in more potential customers and look more professional all the while.


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