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Facebook Content Management

If you are setting up a Facebook page, or are familiar with Facebook, creating an effective page for your brand requires knowledge on Facebook content management. Since Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly active users, it is a great tool for marketing your products or services and reaching new consumers who may have never heard of your brand. However, creating an interactive and interesting Facebook page is key. You want …

facebook vs twitter

Facebook vs Twitter: What Social Media Channels Should Your Business Use?

By all accounts, Facebook and Twitter are the elder statesmen of social media. They’ve been around the longest, are known by most people across demographics, and are very popular tools for building businesses. Speaking to the latter, a debate has popped up in recent years: Facebook vs Twitter —which is better for building or marketing a business?

While each platform has its own strengths, this question is best answered by looking …

marketing vs advertising

Marketing vs. Advertising on Social Medial: What’s the Difference?

Initially conceived as a platform for personal use, social media has come a long way. Major networks were harbingers of the digital age, revolutionizing how we interact with each other. What is more, the ecosystem has undergone rapid boom over the years. Businesses and marketers recognized the immense potential for reaching and engaging consumers. Marketing vs advertising is a crucial relationship to unwrap here.

The two strategies are intertwined and mutually …

Facebook Featured Video

Facebook Featured Video

A Social Media Marketing Must

Several months ago, Facebook unveiled a new option that revolutionized the way brands introduce themselves in the online world. This option is called featured video, and allows businesses to embed a video directly onto their timeline, where it is prominently displayed. Unfortunately, many otherwise marketing-savvy businesses have yet to take advantage of this important feature.

The advantages of video

Multiple studies have shown that social media users respond …

Marketing and Facebook - 3 Tips to Help Grow Your Fan Base

Marketing and Facebook – 3 Tips to Help Grow Your Fan Base

In today´s world, a good Facebook marketing strategy is indispensable. Here are three simple but important tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook page.

Know Your Customer Base

The content most important step to creating Facebook content that will appeal to your audience is knowing who your audience is. If you are truly serious about marketing your brand, you will eventually want to use Google analytics to …

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