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A community manager is an expert in marketing. They are primarily in charge of management and the increasing development of a company’s online community. Generally, they help build a community of followers and preserve relationships with them to maintain and grow the community. This is typically done through engaging with customers and fans online. These community managers leverage social media by connecting to these communities through social media platforms, blogs, and other online sources.

A social media community manager is primarily responsible for maintaining these connections and building new ones, however they do more than just that. They also help plan social media campaigns, often working alongside the company’s marketing team. These strategies and campaigns align with the organization’s goals and values, which often helps connect them to their community and grow as well.

In addition to these strategies, community managers need to help run the company’s social media accounts meaning sharing images, videos, and other content with their following. This helps them maintain relationships with their followers and grow within the brands niche. These community managers also help monitor these social media accounts for any potential mentions of the brand, so that they can follow up with the users.

Due to the nature of their job, and the growing rate at which social media Is leveraged for marketing, these community managers often work closely with the marketing team of a company. Most marketing and advertising are done online, since there is generally a large online presence among consumers. This means that the connections that are usually made in person, now need to be made online as well.

Community managers are an integral part to many companies. They help raise brand awareness and engage with consumers throughout the world. They also help gather feedback from customers through online engagement. This helps the company learn about their consumers and figure out what they want or need from the brand. These relationships that are maintained by the community managers show customers how personable the brand is. It ultimately increases brand loyalty and provides value.

A community manager needs to have more than just a basic understanding of social media. Generally, they need to be good with people and have strong communication skills, specifically in writing. Since a lot of their job occurs online, they may not ever come face to face with a customer, but they will often write to them. This means emailing, direct messaging, or blogging about a company, making writing skills necessary.

Community managers also need to have a general idea about metrics and data. Since they will need to create campaigns, their ability to get insight directly from the data provided by social media is important. They should be able to tell how a post in terms of engagement, how to increase following, and any other data points which may come up.

These two skills are crucial for any social media community member. This is a great job for someone who loves social media, and has great writing and analytical skill.

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