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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The success of failure of your social media marketing depends upon on factor: you must give your audience a reason to pay attention to you. There are several ways of doing this—and a savvy marketer will do all of them. A good social media manager must be able to wear a variety of hats.


For example, you must:

  • Be an authority

One of the most important types of content you should be posting is content related to your industry/field of expertise—provide important and interesting information as an authority in the field. This is an effective manner of marketing because when you produce informative content you know for certain that the people reading the content are interested in that subject—and therefore are very likely to be potential customers, clients, or investors. Not only will your informative content help get your name out there; if it is truly quality content then your audience will be likely to remember you in the future—creating not only brand awareness, but also brand loyalty.

  • Be an entertainer

In other posts, your goal will not be to inform as much as it is to entertain. This can (and should) be accomplished in a wide variety of ways—from inspirational videos to funny pictures to interesting stories and everything in between. This content will most likely not build as much brand loyalty (or even as much brand awareness) as your informational posts—after all, the content will never be as directly relevant to potential customers. What this content will achieve, however, is a high rate of sharing and interaction. The hope is to gain more followers, and to maintain the attention of the followers you already have. While the direct value of these posts may be relatively low, they are an important audience building tool that should not be ignored.

  • Be a PR specialist

Another important job every social media marketer must manage is dealing with the public. It’s important to engage your social media followers in order to create a better sense of connection—and this is especially true when they post content related to your business. Any reviews, for example, should be answered—either with a thanks or with an apology/explanation, depending on the situation. A bad review left unanswered can cause a lot of damage; and a good review ignored is a wasted opportunity. Social media marketers must, therefore, know how to engage in public discussion and dialogue on social media sites in a friendly yet professional tone.

  • Be an online talent scout

Social media marketers must also be talent scouts; scouring the internet for interesting content in order to share. That’s because no social media page should rely solely upon self-produced content—this is neither practical nor interesting. To maximize results, your social media pages will need to be in touch with what’s going on online—and that means staying alert to all the latest news, sports, culture, and (of course) adorable cat videos.

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