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Hiring a social media agency to help you run your business should be standard. Many companies hire social media marketing agencies to help them create engaging and informative content that is enticing and performs well across multiple social media sites. However, there are varying social media management agencies that offer a variety of services. On top of that, these agencies all tend to have different pricing.

Since social media content pricing created by social media marketing agencies varies, it is important to know that there is not right or wrong answer for how much you should charge for social media management. Some agencies will offer package deals whereas others may charge thousands of dollars for only one service. These agencies can vary widely in price which is all based off several factors. Typically, these factors include the work they will be doing, their experience, the type of business they will be working for, the industry, and the location.

Social media content pricing can vary based on a social media marketers experience. Someone who is just starting out in the field may not charge as much, however they may not be able to yield the results you need. In general, an entry level social media marketer will charge anywhere from $15 to $50 an hour as their content pricing. Someone who is more advanced and has ample experience in the field typically charges between $120 to $250 an hour due to their expertise level.

It is important to understand where these prices come from. Since many social media marketers may freelance, they typically only make $41,900 as a median salary within their first five years of work. These salaries cover several clients and services including content creation. After those first five years, they have more experience and will end up making upwards of $80,000.

In addition to experience, rates for social media management and content creation will vary based on the sites you are working on. For example, if your company wants to only utilize Instagram, a social media manager may charge you less as they will not need to do as much work. If you choose to expand to multiple streams of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc., a social media manager may charge more money.

Content pricing may also be based on your business size and social media experience. If you are just beginning your business’s social media journey, a social media manager may charge you more as they need to build the accounts from scratch. If you have already gained a decent number of followers, the focus can shift more towards content, which may be more affordable.

Choosing a social media manager for content is a decision that each company needs to make on its own. The prices will vary, however, if you hire a social media manager or agency, expect to see results based on the prices you pay. Enhancing your content can increase sales and customers, making social media content pricing very important.

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