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Five Important Skills to Look for in a Social Media Manager

Five Important Skills to Look for in a Social Media Manager

Social media management has become a complex, multi-faceted business endeavor in the digital realm. The role of a social media manager is not merely confined to posting content to a company’s social media channel. In fact, it goes much further. The contribution of this individual to the overall business success of a company bespeaks of how critical their role and responsibilities are.

Indeed’s communication director, Amy Crow, said that the demand for social media skills has increased across all roles. She observed that there has been an increased demand for socially-savvy candidates among businesses across the globe – from human resources to customer service. This is true for freelance social media managers as well.

That said, social media management is no longer a job that functions independently or in isolation within the company. It is a business asset instrumental for a company’s success. Hiring the right person to assume the role of social media manager is critical to a business. When doing so, here are five important skills to look for:



1 – Graphics Design and Production

Statistics show that articles with images gain 94% more views than those without. This same is true for tweets, as those with pictures receive 18% more clicks than those without. Facebook posts with photos acquire 120% more engagement than other types of posts. These justifiable numbers indeed are a manifestation that graphic design is an essential facet of almost all social media platforms. Graphics design is, then, a skill required for a social media manager as someone who can produce eye-catching visual content can offer much more value.


2 – Written Communication Skills

Communication is an essential part of social media engagement. Interaction with customers on a daily basis is crucial for modern businesses. As communication often occurs via the written word through social media, it’s imperative that a social media manager has an aptitude for writing. This is because he or she will be responding with words. He or she must know how to convey the right messages to the audience. Good grammar, a sense of professionalism, and good taste are basic writing essentials that a social media manager should possess. He or she does not necessarily have to be advanced in writing. However, having a good command of the language and the ability to express the right messages will certainly make a difference.



3 – Customer Service Skills

It’s apparent now more than ever that customers engage in social media to get assistance from the brand. When they have questions in mind, they are quick to resort to these channels. They can even go as far as posting complaints online. That said, a social media manager becomes a ‘frontliner.’ It takes excellent customer service skills to be able to answer customer queries, handle complaints, address concerns, and resolve issues. After all, everything that a social media manager says or does on social media is a representation of the brand.


4 – SEO Strategy Knowledge and Skills

Social media management entails day-to-day management, upholding the business brand, and promoting the company’s products or services. The main goal is to create brand awareness, sell the business products and services, and gain potential customers or actual clients. That being said, employing the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is important. A social media manager who has the SEO knowledge and knows how to make use of SEO tactics can surely become an asset to your company. Not only will he or she promote your products or services, but he or she will also be able to create brand awareness.



5 – Social Advertising Experience

According to a recent report, social media advertising is deemed one of the top two priorities for marketers in recent years. In fact, 70% of marketers consider spending on social advertising.  As social ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with the target audience, hiring a social media manager who has social advertising experience can help uplift your brand and contribute to your overall business success.


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