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Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Virtual Assistant

Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Virtual Assistant

For most startups, social media is a run by the owner almost as an afterthought. Savvy business owners, however, realize that the marketing potential that social media offers is very powerful, and comes at a fraction of the cost of most forms of traditional marketing (i.e. newspaper, television, radio, etc.).

Those who opt to run their own social media marketing seriously, however, eventually run into a problem—with the large number of social networks and increasing expectations of social media users, social media marketing is nearly a full time job. In fact, a sizable chunk of small business owners admit to using social media up to 20 hours per week—more than half of a normal work week! For this reason, there comes a point when a social media virtual assistant is a good investment—after all, for small business owners, time is truly the most valuable resource.

How can a social media virtual assistant help me?

A social media virtual assistant, as the name suggests, is a person who works off-site, helping businesses and other organizations run their social media pages more effectively. Hiring a social media virtual assistant is vastly more economical than hiring a full time employee, but can still have many of the same benefits if managed properly. Here are a few of the tasks you should relegate to your social media assistant.

Let your assistant handle the public

An important (and time consuming) aspect of managing a social media page is interacting with your followers. Every compliment and good review should be thanked, and no complaint or bad review should go unanswered. By letting your social media assistant handle this, you’ll save yourself a fair amount of time and headaches.

Your assistant should be responsible for creating detailed social media reports

While your social media assistant will have an important say in your overall vision and strategy, it’s important to remember that he or she should be working under your guiding hand—after all, it’s your business, and nobody understands its goals and values like you. In order to provide valuable input without putting in large amounts of time, request that your social media assistant provide you with detailed weekly reports on the status and direction of your social media plan.

Put your assistant in charge of generating content

There’s no need for you to constantly search for and create quality marketing content. The process is time consuming and oftentimes not the best use for your time and talents—though an occasional guest post or content idea could be very effective and much appreciated.

Maintenance/unskilled social media task

There are also many social media related tasks that are virtually unskilled—adding friends, keeping profile pages up to date, etc. Generally, these tasks can be left to your social media virtual assistant—though if you have hired a very knowledgeable/experienced assistant who charges premium rates, it might be smarter to hire a second social media assistant at a better rate to handle those kinds of operations.



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