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Managing Social Media: Elance and Other Valuable Tools

Managing Social Media: Elance and Other Valuable Tools

Managing a social media campaign can be a lot of work—there are now dozens of important social networks, increasing amounts of competition, and to top it all off social media users are expecting more and more when it comes to the quality of the content they consume. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, however, don’t stress—there are literally hundreds of tools aim at helping social media managers just like you. This article will cover a few of the most important tools every social media marketer should consider using.


Elance is one of the biggest freelancing classified sites on the web today. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create content for their social media/online marketing campaigns, as it can help you get into contact with talented freelance writers for any budget. Nothing drives an online marketing campaign quite like original content, so check out Elance today—even if you’re not ready to invest in content creators yet, it’s a good tool to familiarize yourself with.


Hootsuite is one of the leading social media dashboards. The concept is simple yet powerful: consolidate the management of multiple social media pages spanning multiple social media networks in order to save the time and effort of managing each page individually. In addition to this service, Hootsuite also offers other time saving tools such as post scheduling, which allows you to find/create lots of content all at once and then plan out the times/dates when you wish to publish this material. Post scheduler is also a valuable tool as it allows you to “disconnect” from the computer without disconnecting from your audience. Apart from Hootsuite, there are also a variety of other popular social media dashboard sites such as Buffer and Social Sprout. All of these sites perform more or less similar functions, but offer slightly different special features and business pricing.

Google Analytics

Google itself offers a powerful tool for analyzing web traffic. Through the site, you can determine what content preforms best, what geographical locations your content performs well in, what people who search your company are also searching for, and where potential online customers abandon the shopping cart—plus dozens and dozens of other options.

Quill Engage

If you have trouble sifting through the massive amounts of data available to you on Google Analytics, consider using Quill Engage—a service that sends weekly email reports of the most important Google data.


Though social media is huge (61 percent of American adults are on at least one network, according to recent numbers) email is even bigger (think 80 percent of American adults.) This makes voluntary email lists a powerful tool for spreading online content—even if the medium is sometimes overlooked as “spammy” by younger generations.

Portent Idea Generator

Last but not least, the Portent Idea Generator is a fun tool to help you overcome writer’s block. Give it a few keywords and it will generate a title—ranging from the brilliant to the wacky and covering just about everything in between.

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