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Social Media Manager Jobs: Typical Tasks and Responsibilities

Social Media Manager Jobs: Typical Tasks and Responsibilities

Social media management is a relatively new profession. For this reason, there are many business owners who realize the importance of social media–but aren’t exactly sure what the responsibilities of their social media staff should be. Read on for a simple yet comprehensive list of the responsibilities typically assigned to social media managers–as well as an analysis of the skill set necessary for social media success.

  1. Content Creation and Curation

Content is the lifeblood of any online presence–and it is by far the most effective tool available for driving audience interest and engagement. Therefore, one of the principle roles of any social media manager will be both creating and curating interesting, relevant content.

Content Creation refers to all types of sharable media: from 140 character Tweets to in-depth blogging; from photography to graphic design; perhaps even videography. As a minimum, therefore, social media managers should possess a reasonable level of writing, photography, and graphic design skills.

Content Curation refers to the ability to sort through the vast amounts of outside content available on the web and find quality material to share. Content curation requires good research skills and a solid understand of current events and pop culture.

For both creation and curation alike, social media managers should also be fast learning and willing to research and understand the companies and brands they are working for in order to find and create quality content.

  1. Customer Service and Community Moderation

Social media managers must also represent the company in the online world. They must be able to answer questions, provide information, and respond to customer reviews. (Especially the not-so-glowing reviews.) They should also understand how to moderate and encourage discussion between members of the online audience. A friendly yet professional tone, quick judgement, and strong communication skills are all critical, therefore.

  1. Advertising and promotions

Social media managers must also handle a number of important online marketing duties. If your company invests in social media advertising, for example, it will be the social media manager’s job to choose effective images and write short yet attention-catching calls to action. When your company carries out special promotions such as online coupons, you should also be able to count on your social media manager to get the word out–and the same goes for special events, seasonal deals, and all types of company related news.

  1. Marketing Analysis and Reporting

Social media managers must continuously critique and adjust their marketing strategies. This requires careful analysis of the online audience as well as broader market trends. Depending on what tools your company uses, it may also include using analytical tools such as Hootsuite or Google Analytics in order to better navigate the social media world. All social media managers should understand the basic characteristics of the company they represent and the target audience that company is trying to reach.

Finally, your social media manager should regularly organize and present detailed reports on the progress and challenges your online marketing strategy encounters in order to allow for evaluation and input on your part.

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