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Social Media Project Management for Small Business

Social Media Project Management for Small Business

Online project management offers several distinct advantages. In fact, nearly all small businesses could be benefiting greatly by using it. Unfortunately, many small business owners feel overwhelmed by the technology, and prefer to operate in a more traditional manner. Though this is understandable, it is important to realize that social media project management is not just a new fad—it offers a clear competitive advantage to the businesses that use it, and its popularity is growing quickly.

Still not sold on online project management? Here are 10 concrete benefits to using it.

#1. Build your dream team

When you run your projects online, you are no longer held back by geographical limits—meaning you can hire from anywhere in the world. This expands your pool of potential employees, allowing you to find the best people for the job.       

#2. Ultra low cost

Online project management allows you to eliminate many business and personal costs—renting a workspace, providing food, printing, transportation, etc.   Even the initial cost of paying an online management program is generally lower than the costs of purchasing in-house software.

#3.  Technology integration

Most online project management programs allow you to integrate with other tools and programs such as Google Docs, Dropbox, or Zendesk.

#4. Work from anywhere

Flexibility is another great advantage to managing your project online. Whether you prefer working at home, in a coffee shop, in the office, or even on the beach you can do it when you work online! What’s more, you will likely have more flexibility when choosing your hours—allowing you more freedom to spend time with family and friends while completing work when you feel most productive.

#5. Easy IT

 Though learning about and dealing with new online technologies is often considered a disadvantage to online project management, it’s important to remember that most project management tools offer their own personal IT team—which are generally much more helpful than the large, outsourced IT teams offered by traditional software firms.

#6. Speed

Working online allows project to be complete faster, as it eliminates the need for time consuming in-person meetings. No more commutes, no more waiting for everybody to show up, no more distractions. Simply share the information that needs to be shared and let everyone focus on what they do best.

#7. Task delegation

Most management programs will allow you to delegate tasks and assign specific deadlines; thus fostering more organization and accountability.

#8. Increase communication amongst all parties

Being online will not only allow you to connect more easily with your employees, it will also allow them to connect more easily amongst themselves—also fostering organization and productivity. What’s more, many project management programs also include tools to help you communicate and share important info with your customers and clients.

#9. Competitive edge

 What does this all add up to? A competitive advantage in the marketplace. Customers, clients, investors, and potential employees will all take note of the business that use online project management because those businesses complete their jobs faster, more economically, and more efficiently all while allowing for more freedom and ease.

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